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The Humble Thai Pty Ltd
Full time Chef/Chef De Partie 

Annual Base Salary: AUD$70K – AUD$75K plus super 38 hr/week 


The Humble Thai Pty Ltd was incorporated in October 2019 and has been actively and lawfully operating since then. Despite of the recent pandemic (Covid-19) the company is growing and it is expected that it will tap its growth in the coming years. The company has also continuously employed local employees since its operation as a commitment to provide employment to local labour and support to the government especially during this challenging times. 

Currently, the company operates three (3) restaurants The Grateful Thai located in Charlestown and The Humble Thai and Oh My Papa in Newcastle. As our company is continuously growing and expanding, we are in need of a full time Chefs in our restaurants. 


Skills and abilities: 

➢ Adaptable and coordinate work with other people.
➢ Keep track of how well work is progressing and make changes or improvements.
➢ Good oral communication as you require to talk to your staff and others.
➢ Critical thinking – abilitty to think about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem.
➢ Able to motivate, develop, and direct people as they work, and choose the best people for the job. 

➢ Good oral comprehension and expression.
➢ Ability to see or spot problems, find answers and solve problems logically.
➢ Build good working relationships and keep them over time.
➢ Able to have own ideas for developing, designing, or creating something new. 

➢ Work and look professional.
➢ Punctual, organized and trustworthy.
➢ Ability to plan menu, select food, order and control stocks.
➢ Understand and able to enforce hygiene and safety procedures.
➢ Ability to demonstrate and advise cooking techniques.
➢ Experience in training and supervising staffs and trainees.
➢ Ability to implement staff roster and work in a team environment. 

➢ Ability to adjust (work longer hours) and work under high pressure. 


Qualification and Experience: 

➢  must have at least Diploma in Hospitality Management; 

➢  other additional relevant educational qualification is an advantage such as Certificate IV in Commercial 


➢  must have at least 2 years experience in a fast pace environment and must possess the necessary supervisory 

and practical skills; 


Main Duties: 

The Chef is responsible for planning and organizing activities in the kitchen ensuring that the standard and quality of the food prepration and the hygiene within the kitchen is maintained at the highest level at all times. The Chef oversee the whole activities in the kitchen ensuring it runs smoothly. This role is very much hands-on, requiring attention to detail, good management and leadership and a positive work attitude. 


➢  Check freshness and temperature of food and ingredients. 

➢  Create recipes and also determine how to present and garnish the food. 

➢  Ensure the portion control, food cost and quality of meals. 

➢  Monitor suppliers with appropriate accreditation who meet food and safety requirements. 

➢  Inspect equipment, utensils and work areas for cleanliness and functionality. 

➢  Oversee and supervise cooks and other food preparation staff to ensure all tasks are done as required. 

➢  Train new kitchen staffs and implement staffs’ roster. 

➢  Delegate tasks related to meal prep, cooking and delivering food to diners on time. 

➢  Plan and develop menu items or any special request as well as provide the recipes in most dietary requirements such as any allergies, vegetarian options. 

➢  Place and order inventory of food and necessary kitchen tool to ensure efficient operations. 

➢  Monitor proper hygiene storage methods to protect food loss. 

➢  Observe and progress sanitation practices and ensure that kitchen safety standards are followed. 

➢  Discussing food preparation issues with the manager, dietitians and all staff. 

➢  Monitor fridge and freezer temperatures regularly. 

➢  Make curry pastes and prepare the ingredients filling spring roll , money bag, curry puff 

➢  Pre prepared the ingredients in place to reduce cooking time on the following : 

Sauce base such as Chili jam sauce, pad Thai sauce, Fried rice sauce, Stired fried sauce, Curry base such as Green curry, Red curry, Massaman curry and etc. 

➢  Wash, trim, cut, prepare and measure raw ingredients 

➢  Inspect incoming food using correct procedures. 

➢  Store foods in dry, cold and frozen storage using correct procedures. 

➢  Handle customers’ feedback concern and suggestion. 

➢  Follow cleaning schedule to demonstrate and maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. 

➢  Assist in the recruitment, food cost and budget, training new kitchens; 

➢  Attend meetings with the Head Chef, Restaurant Manager and Directors; 

➢  Reporting major achievements and issues of the month such as special menu, set menu on holidays and 

special occasion such as valentines’ day, mothers’ day , birthdays, anniversary and group or corporate 


➢  Updating information through membership with Restaurant & Catering Australia 

➢  Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) 


We give priority to the candidates/applicants who are Australian Residents. 

If this sounds like you - please send your resume to Nikky at email: 

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